Our Name ‘Pops Up’ in the Market

Ensuring your success in business with our customized commercial-grade products

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Quality Kettle Corn Equipment in South Dakota

Sergeant Poppers offers kettle corn equipment and stainless-steel sinks. Formerly known as MJ Metal Products Inc. of Casper, Wyoming, we moved to the Black Hills, South Dakota in 2007.

MJ Metal Products Inc. of Casper, Wyoming was a leading manufacturer of custom commercial stainless steel restaurant equipment for over 35 years.

Helping Businesses Succeed

  • We manufacture and sell the highest quality machines and equipment worldwide and built many great relationships over the years in business.

  • We help other small businesses succeed with our products manufactured with the finest material to ensure quality, quantity, and efficiency.

  • We make sure your equipment produces delicious kettle corn.

Sargeant Poppers

Customized Equipment

With our years of experience, we have built many customized, professional and high-performance machines for businesses. Our goal is to see you become successful.

Our innovations and design have changed the look and performance of the kettle corn business.

If you need any troubleshooting, get in touch with us. We offer 24-hour emergency services for all your popcorn machine needs at no extra charges.

Here are some ways Sergeant Poppers SAVES YOU money on equipment. Our machines cost LESS than our competitors to OPERATE over a long period of time. Less waste means more $$$ and in return creates more profit. Let us help you get started!

How much propane (PSI) will I be using to pop the kettle corn?

Sergeant Poppers 5-7psi propane use

How many BTUs is the burner that is in the kettle corn machine?

Sergeant Poppers has 250,000 BTUs ! HOT HOT

How many cups of uncooked kernels will I be using to pop, per batch?

Sergeant Poppers 10 cups of raw kernels YAY!

How many uncooked kernels (old maids) should I expect after I pop my batches of kettle corn?

Sergeant Poppers little to NONE, no waste.

How many bags (8x20) will it yield per batch?

Sergeant Poppers can pop 12 medium bags 🙂

How long does it take to pop one batch of kettle corn/caramel corn?

Sergeant Poppers pops one batch in THREE minutes!