Kettle Corn Machine Features

The features of our kettle corn machine
features include

  • Hard piping with bumper protection

  • Precision on and off the handle

  • NSF compliant product

  • Gauge and regulator include a 10’ hose

  • UL listed gas parts

  • 160-quart kettle measuring

  • Heavy-duty castors bolted to the tube frame base

  • Venting system on one side of the machine

  • Enclosed burner cabinet construction

  • 250,000 BTU output

  • No powder coating or aluminum

  • Optional left or right-hand unit

  • Low propane use cooking at 5-7 psi

Top-Quality Kettle Corn Equipment

While buying a popcorn machine, you need to see the specification and learn more about the machine and make sure you are purchasing only the best tool for your business.

You can trust us with all your customized cooking equipment to ensure your business stands out from the rest.

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Kettle Corn Equipment Pricing

Sergeant Poppers Kettle Corn and Lemonade Equipment

Mann Made Poppin’ Machine

$ 5,250

Automatic Stirrer

$ 1,950

Rectangle Sifting Table

$ 1,400

Sargeant Poppers

Round Sifting Table

$ 995

Sargeant Poppers

Round Sifting Table on casters

$ 1,400

image0 (21c55197-2203-4a51-9c34-662cef8ca8c9)

Three Ingredient Bins

$ 500

Sargeant Poppers

Lemonade Stand

$ 3,500

Sargeant Poppers

Portable Hand Sink (Electric or propane)

$ 1,600

Four Compartment Sink

$ 2,500


Auto Tilt Mann Made Poppin’ Machine additional feature

$ 2,000

Sargeant Poppers

Kettle Corn Utensils

includes popcorn scoops, ladle, measuring cups for ingredients

$ 130

Sargeant Poppers
Sargeant Poppers

Lemonade Stand Equipment

We provide lemonade stand equipment for our customers. Take your business to an entirely new level with the best products, and make more money faster.